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A Non-Profit Orga​nization (Pending)  
Fighting Diseases with Drug-Free Phytomedicine 

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A Scientific,  Drug- Free      & Affordable Method 
for the Prevention and Treatment of Diseases

A Practical, Affordable, Safe and Drug-Free solution to fight diseases for the poor around the world amid today's unaffordable healthcare and harmful side effects of drugs

Welcome to 
The  Brave New World  of 

Drug-free Phytomedicine

BIO​POLYGEN is a group of Scientists, Doctors, Researchers networking from many countries in 4 continents, with the mission to develop A COMPREHENSIVE  DISEASE PREVENTION and TREATMENT PLAM with science-based MODERN PHYTOMEDICINE using phyto and natural bio ingredients to avoid side effects and other unpredictable harms to the human body like synthetic drugs. Our goal is simple:   To develop the affordable but effective remedies to prevent and treat diseases for the poor in America and other countries who cannot afford the today's costly healthcare. Unlike what  Americans have been misinformed, Phytomedicine is a multi-disciplinary biomedical science practiced by millions of medical doctors and used by 4 billion + people (WHO). After 3000 years of continuous trials and errors, today, phytomedicine has improved as an effective prevention and treatment without affecting any organs or bio systems like synthetic drugs which often lead to other medical issues when we are older. To prove this, first, we developed simple remedies that can get rid of common Illness such as cough, cold, flu, allergy, influeza, strepp, etc. in minutes or hours - not days. Next, we studied and uncover possible early treatment of deadly epidemic diseases from Covid-19, lung cancer, cholesterol, diabetes and  breast cancer. Over the next 3-5 years, with more scientists joining our team and if we have the support from philantropists, we hope to bring these affordable remedies at to people around the world. No doctors or drugs can alleviate all diseases, but with our phyto formula, we can provide millions of human being i n any nations a chance to regain their health, honor and dignity without side effects and more illness from drugs. Healthcare is a basic human need and a social responsibility for those who are more fortunate than they are. Phytomedicine is a realistic, affordable, safe and effective in preventing and fighting diseases safely  especially when treated at early stage. 

Our healthcare system only works when one has money. Covid-19 exposed a troubling reality of US healthcare:  We led the world with the highest Covid-19 infection rate of 21% or 69M per 330M population - 4 to 8 times  higher than any nations. Our death rate per population is 6.5 times  higher than any "Third World country" such as India ( 0.0026% vs 0.0004%) (Worldmeters info of 01/19/2022) and now the most in the world with 950,000! We produce most heart disease and diabetes as our society lives on fast food. More than 55% of Americans cannot pay medical cost - same as 1/2 of the world population. With so many interest groups and politics, US healthcare system has never been affordable and never will be. But with phytomedicine, we can but it has to be better prepared. Phytomedicine can help the poor, the uninsured a chance to overcome diseases as phytomedicine can be effective at much lower cost yet without needless side affects of drugs. As further explained in this site, n the next 5 years, our goal is to save millions of people in many countries including millions in America.
Covid-19 reveals another sad reality: The US death rate per population is 8 times (800%)  higher than all Asia combined despite our 3000% higher spending per capita on Covid. Why? Did our drugs really cure Covid? Is phytomedicine really no good? People from Mid-East to Asia are free to use Phytomedicine to protect themselves against Covid and at least 60% did. This means that 60% of the 950,000 deaths or 570,000 Amercan lives could have been saved if they were allowed to use phytomedicine instead of being regimented to rely on chemically formulated drugs to enrich the pharma giants alone, which they did:  950,000 Amercans now dead, 8 times than all poorer nations in Asia where phytomedicine is allowed. 22 lives were saved with our Covid-19 phyto formula within 10 days. This means we could easily save hundreds of thousand American lives if our phytomedicine formula was fully developed.

The Depth of Knowledge behind Phytomedicine

A Proven Natural Science

Millions of Plant Species with tens of thousand  of plants and insects with known bio-active properties... Even drugs were made from plant materials.  They are rich the foundation on which the science of phytomedicine was built upon. Bio Science continues to validates their surprising uses in  medicine. Today phytomedicine is practiced by millions of doctors, scientists, has quickly become respected in the medical world. As more harms being discovered from synthetid  drugs,  4 billion people worldwide have relied on Phyto Formula for prevention and early treatment.

3000 years of Knowlege

Conventional drugs are developed only in the past few hundred years. Phytomedicine is a process of painful experiments in real life use by millions through over 3000 years. Although the medical efficacy of would require further evaluation for both Phytomedicine and conventional one, one thing we know for sure: Phytomedications are safe to use and cause no harmful or even deadly consequences to human. When scientifically formulated, they  can save lives for many diseases at early stage.

Centuries of knowledge

Phytomedicine pratitioners are researchers, doctors and professors, many of whom are trained not just in both Western but also Eastern medicine in additions to knowledge in botany, pathology and microbiology. The rich foundation of phytomedicine is formed by multi-disciplinary scientists from many countries, histories and cultures spreading from Europe,  East Asia, India, the Middle East to  South America and even Africa. They exist alongside with conventional medicine and save

In-depth Bio Science

With Bio Science and Pathology as foundation, with in vivo and in vitro validation of the therapeutic action on pathogens, Phytomedicine continues to gain respect as a credible preventive medicine. They can be combined with other ingredients for multi-front treatment and are largely safe for children with no harmful secondary effects like synthetic drugs using chemical formula. When scientifically formulated , Phytomedicine can be effective preventive treatment for most diseases at early stages. It is an affordable way to live a healthy life that drugs will not provide.

Across 5 Continents

Co​ncentration of medicinal plants spread throughout 5 continents:  Asia, India, the Middle East and North/South America. New discoveries also known in Africa, Australia and the Pacific Islands. The wide presence of plant resources serve as a vast inventory for us to develop for many poor countries. As discovery of more adverse effects and high costs of conventional drug, phytomedicine will help to improve medical service and healthcare for hundreds of millions.

Future Outlook

Cost, side effects, discomfort and unpredictable effects in the body from conventional drugs, etc. continue to encourage scientists, doctors, researchers to rely on phytomedicine. Rich or poor, people want to be treated not with more chemicals, more pain, more addiction and more side effects. It's a moral and social responsibility for us to develop beneficial remedies to help the poor, the sick and the elderly to live a healthier life without more chemicals in their own bodies.

Phytomedicine can alleviate diseases 
without the unpredictable secondary effects like synthetic drugs

Phytomedicine for common Illness

Common Illness of upper respiratory tract includes CONGESTIONS, COUGH, COLD, FEVER, FLU, AIRBONE ALLERGIES, etc. Synthetic drugs  do not treat the illness but are merely nerve-inhibitors,  sedatives and hormone-manipulating drugs for temporary relief. We innovate a "BIO-STEAM" method and Phytomedicine formula that can stop SINUS, COUGH  etc IN MINUTES and COLD, FLU  in a HOURS  while one can even go to work or enjoy shopping and eating. Plant materials are safe for children as they are basically food ingredients.

Phytomedicine for Deadly Diseases

We tested and proved that LUNG CANCER, DIABETES, HEART AND CORONAVIUS  can be prevently if treated at early stage with Phytomedicine. These deadly diseases continue to bring suffering to people around the world. Phytomedicine has various therapeutic advantages and can be used as an painless and chemical-free alternative as they cause no side effects to the patients.  Our Lung Cancer and Coronavirus Preventive Remedy actually saved many lives by effectively prevented the disease when treated in early stage.

Phytomedicine for other illness

Over the next 5 years, we will develop various  phyto remedies for other illness and diseases. All are designed to help people without access to healthcare in countries around the world  to live a healthy life lat a lowest cost. These are  1. EMERGENCY PHYTOMEDICINE such as Swelling, Snake Poisoning, Food Poisoning, etc and  2.  PREVENTION OF COMMON DISEASES: Ulcers, Stomach Ulcer, Hepatitis; Gout, Arthritis, Kidney, Colon, Prostate Heath and others.

Chemical-free Skincare Product 

Skincare products today are largely chemicals and nanoparticles to maximized profits. Chemicals and nanoparticles can enter our skin cells to build up decay in cells leading to wrinkles, cell deterioration and diseases . With our knowledge of bio cell health and disease, we will develop natural phyto formulas to rebuild healthier skin by neutralizing pathogens, decontaminate  and rejuvenate epidermis cells with bio materials to preserve one's beauty without harmful chemicals. This line will be developed for cosmetic mfrs.