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Fighting Diseases with Drug-Free Phytomedicine 

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Drs Sujoy Pal1, Alakesh Maity1.
Nasa Remedi Makkhanpur, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh. India

Dr Meenakshi Sreeram 
MGV’s KBH College & Hospital, Mumbai, India.
Bronson Bao Tran, MS, PhD
Biomedical Science and  Phytomedicine

Bronson Bao Tran

Phytomedicine is largely discredited among US medical practioners due to misinformation and too many bogus dietary supplements. The fact is: Phytomedicine now used by 4.5 billlion people and practiced by millions of doctors ourside of the US. After 2 years of Covid-19 costing TRILLIONS and 900,000 deaths and counting, Covid incidentally exposed an unseen reality of our healthcare: Our death rate/population is 2.5 higher than all nations combined and 8 times higher than other Asian nations where phytomedicine are allowed to use freely. In the US where synthetic drugs must be used exclusively - or penalized - our hospitalization rate,  death rate, hospital stay duration are 8 times higher than countries where Phytomedicine are allowed. In our own 22 experiments on infected persons using phyto remedies, all 22 recovered in just 7 days with phyto treatments that cost  only $150-$180, NO side effects compared to a minimum $150,000 bill yet 17% will die anyway . Our remedies are self-administered to prevent spread to healthcare staff. Covid-19  Variants make no difference with our Drug-Free Remedy.

Our Phyto Treatment is a multi-front process uniquely designed for respiratory virus ; Each treatment takes just 3 minutes x 10-15 times daily. Patients are able to eat, play, relax after just 1 day. This is in contrast to the mental, physical and  psychological miseries of drugs and hospitalization... We will continue to improve on our formula and hope to help millions of patients in poor countries from Asia to South America to overcome this Covid-19 infection t the cost of just $150 compared to $100, 000 to $250,000 per patient in the US with THE exhorbitantly priced drugs...  Also available: Drug-free PREVENTIVE REMEDIES for unvaccinated persons  with our 2-minute daily preventive formula. 

the wisdom and benefits of phytomedicine
have always been underestimated

Phyto Formula can stop Coronavirus infection within the 1st week

Phytomedicine has been largely disregarded by most western medical professionals. Until it does done something that conventional medicine cannot: Stop the growth of Covid-19 and Lung Cancer with drug-free and simple therapeutic process. 

100% recovery in 1st week of infection

6 months after the begininng of Covid-19 pandemic, between  the hospitalization and death rate in Asian nations and the US are just  20% of the US as people are allowed to use phytomedicine to fight diseases. The ultimate goal of medicine is to save lives - not to let them die just because we don't like remedies made by nature. Millions outside of the US relied on phytomedicine for coronavirus. Our success rate of 100% in past experienments with Coronavirus patients overseas speak to itself. We are working on improvements of our formua to improve our recovery rate. Fundamentally, our phyto treatment is just scientific and medically creditble. We hope to  have a chance to introduce our remedy to the poor around the world and for those who cannot use synthesized drugs.  With our remedy, patients can self-administered medicine at home at a cost as low as just $100-$300 per treatment of 2 weeks.

The advantages of Phytomedicine 

Modern Phytomedicine has clear advantages over conventional drugs to be developed and tested the prevention of serious diseases. First, Phyto materials are 99% are harmless to human including children 5+. If treated immediately at the 1st signs of infection, the chance of full recovery is higher than 95%;  Our treatment process is simple, easy to do and can be self-administered - most efficient and cost-less way to combat a pandemic - so doctors can focus on ICU patients. Typical treatment is 10 times a day, each time just 3 minutes, patient can eat, drink, relax, excercise normally during treatment. All drug-free with natural phyto ingredients. Our phyto remedy acts immediately after the 1st day and patients can freely walk around, relax on the 3rd day. Patients recovered their appetite the 2nd day. The key is infected persons must be treated ASAP in the first week.

Targeting the pathogens - not the human body

Unlike synthetic drugs, plants do not interfere or inhibit the physiological functions of any organs or system. Our Covid-19 phytomedicine set consists of 4 formula:  First set targets affected area and weaken or stop their reproduction; 2nd formula with antiviral, antimicrobial material; 3rd set seeks to retore energy, fight fatique, incite appetite, stimulate nerves and blood flow in respiratory tracts; 4th set stimulate immune activities (IgG and NaBs antibodies) to fight virus; 5th set is a combination of selective natural vitamins, minerals, drug for blood flow, circulation, metabolism, and vitamins conducive for the body to restore energy to fight virus and for immune system support. All 5 sets can be self-administered 10 times a day, each time takes just 3 minutes. Antigen and Antibody tests every 2 days to monitor progress.  Each remedy set cost approx. $300 for 2 weeks of treatment.

Phytomedicine today offers some exceptional advantages for the developments of preventive remedies for deadly diseases such as Coronavirus: Low costs, risk-free, side effects free and fast. With this advantage, we hope to improve further on our past success to produce an even more effective formula to help millions overcome this infection in a healthy drug-fee process.

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