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Non-US Nations

A Non-Profit Orga​nization (Pending)  
Fighting Diseases with Drug-Free Phytomedicine 

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Join us. Use  Phytomedicine to Help People Around the World

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Please email us: 
with your Biography, background, requirements, interests and activity in Phytomedicine or related areas.  We will reply and discuss details directly.  

Thank you for your interest. We wil reply to you ASAP


help to alleviate human suffering in many countries by letting us know about the phytomedicine ingredients in your country

Phytomedicine is the healthcare BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE but comes from THE GIFT OF GOD: NATURE . We own our success in saving lives for those in your and other countries to the many unique and special ingredients found in NATURE. HELP US findling and developing more ingredients to more lives can be saved. We love to hear from you. If a new and useful ingredient is found, many lives will be owed to your kindness and you will be rewarded, 
recognized and appreciated by millions around the world


From the Mountains to Rivers and Sea, Nature has created millions of hidden treasure for us to discover.  Each nation has its own rich culture and history and knowledge of certain natural materials used by their ancestors passing down thru thousands of years. Tell us more about them so we can collect, analyze and test. If confirmed to have useful medicinal value, we will save tell the world about  you and will ask patients to write to you directly and provide you with a gift of his/her choice as a token appreciation of your good deed.

Become a Supplier
of the Special Ingredients from your country

In certain cases, the medicinal value or bio active specifics of an ingredient owe its higher efficacy to the specific geography and ecology of your country and not others.  We would be interested in developing a supply source from your country and you could be the Sole Agent or Representative to oversee the supply. This will be both a good business opportunity as well as an act of kindness and good deed in your lifetime by taking part in saving lives for people in other countries.

if you know a possible material for medicinal use,  
we like to hear from you!

Many lives may be saved because of you

Use form below or just email to:  research@biopolygen dot com
Please include these info: COMMON NAME in your native language,
Common Name in English, Scientific Name (if known); History of present and past uses in your country, where it is grown or found; Attach a picture; Any published info about it and any testimony from doctors, scientists or any group about its use that you know of, etc.

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