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Fighting Diseases with Drug-Free Phytomedicine 

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A  Simple and Effective way to treat COMMON  RESPIRATORY ILLNESS  such as     COUGH, CONGESTION, COLD, ALLERGY

A Simple Revolutionary Method to treat Common Respiratory Illness fast, safe and chemical-free

Cough, Cold, Flu, etc. is a $16-billion business annually in the US. For years, pharmaceutical giants continue to hide the fact that their medications are merely nerve Inhibiting agents or sedatives such as Pseudoephedrine, Phenylephrine, Dextromethophan, Diphenhydramine, etc. These drugs don’t target the pathogens or treat the illness but block your brain from knowing the illness. That’s why you live with the miseries for days or weeks to get well...

Our BIO STEAM innovation

HOT STEAM is an intelligent medical method. Temperature activates bio-active properties  while steam carries these anti-pathogens into porous tunnels in our respiratory tracts  where bacteria or virus are hidden. HOT STEAM together with our phytomedicinal remedy directly target the germs, bacteria, virus or fungi in your respiratory tracts upon contact to neutralize them so you will feel better within minutes for simple problems such as runny nose or light cough, or within hours for COLD, FLU or ALLERGIES - not days. You don't need to be dizzy or tired from nerve-affecting drugs.

Compare to Conventional Synthetic Drugs with Chemicals:

BIO-STEAM  TECHNIQUE and our PHYTO FORMULA is a proven effective method against dangerous respiratory pathogens on contact without collateral damages to our body like nerve-inhibiting drugs widely used in common cold, flu, cough, allergies. Further, plant-based compound can be combined with other ingredients concurrently and also can be used to support conventional drugs, whereas drugs cannot mix to prevent cross contamination.

Drug-free, alcohol-free, safe, fast and naturally great for children 5+ yrs old

Our Phytomedicine are made from plant extracts with known medicinal properties. As plant materials - or food in essence, they are chemical-free, alcohol-freecan also be used by CHILDREN 5 year old and older using lower dosage. In fact, children love to use it because it is easy to do, no pills to take, results in minutes, safe to use, no drowsiness, no pain, etc. Adults can work and children can play normally while using these phytomedicine remedies.


DECONGESTANTS  (L evmetamfetamine, phenylephrine, xylometazoline and oxymetazoline, etc) DECONGESTION of nasal and sinus cavity works by inhibiting the release of Protaglandins that trigger the swelling and inflammation. Once the medication is gone, swelling re-starts. Medication intends to relieve the congestion indirectly and does not treat the pathogenesis. Our Phyto remedy does not manipulate the central nerve system to relieve congestions but to clear out bacteria, fungi, allergens with our formula directly. Unless virus is the cause, inflammation will simply stop once irritants or germs are encapsulated in our steam vapor.
COUGH and COLD are typically treated with SUPPRESSANTS and SEDATIVES such as Guaifenesin/ Codeine, Guaifenesin/ Dextromethorphan + antihistamines SUPPRESSANTS work by blocking our Nerve System from sensing the irritants that caused the cough; SEDATIVES also added to inhibit our sensory nerves. These actions are not affecting the virus that cause the cold and also may reduce the immune response. Cough, Cold can be caused by airborne virus, pollutant or irritants. Our phyto treatment seeks to clear out these intruders to help you get well. Suppressing our nerves is not a treatment. Prolonged suppression of nerve function can lead to brain malfunction when we get old.
Common COLD AND FLU's Acetominophen (Antihistamine) blocking the release of histamines at H1 receptor but not the virus themselves Acetominophen is effective against pain, swelling and histamin action by blocking brain stem and nerves to feel pain or to release histamine. It affects the body's immune response leading to worsening of viral attack while do not actually attack or affect the virus/pathogens that cause the cold or flu. Blocking the brain's ability to release histamine, sedating our nevrous system from sensing pathogens is not a treatment of the causes of the flu. In contrast, our phyto remedy targets only the pathogens - not the brain. 
Airborne ALLERGIES are also  treated with Antihistamines to suppress the hyper-reaction level, not intended to remove the allergens/pollens. Allergy returns once medication is gone Acetaminophens blocks the release of Histamine level to prevent allergic reaction. Most common allergies from airborne irritants, pollens, fungi can be cleared without the need of Antihistamines. Prolonged usage of antihistamines may lead to dysfunctioning of some organs when a person is older. Except for persons with Immune-compromised or auto-Immune conditions, airborne allergens can be neutralized or cleaned out by our Bio Steam and custom phyto formula. It is direct, effective, fast and esafe for children and the elders. Most Allergies can be cleared in less than 1 hour with our treatment method.

     Most medications  merely block the precise biophysiological cells that help us from knowing and controlling these pathogens. This is well established in all records and data published by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and Science Publications everywhere.  Prolonged usage of medications that block certain physiological function of our body can lead to other abnormal conditions  when we get old. Instead, we can simply use chemical-free phytomedicine made  to overcome these illness quickly, safely and painlessly. Not only that we can get rid of these discomforts within hours, you also preserve the precious conditions of our body. All at a cost of less than 1 dollar per treatment!